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Unlock more value from your real estate.

FWD Partners provides innovative, sustainable real estate solutions to empower homeowners and developers to create spaces that people are proud to call home. 


At FWD Partners, we create value from underutilized spaces with smart real estate solutions tied to the needs of today's economy.


We specialize in increasing property value and generating income for homeowners by creating turnkey accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in basements, attics, and backyards. Our expert approach simplifies the process to unlock your property's full potential.


We have extensive experience designing and managing co-living development projects. By utilizing smart spatial design, technology, and intentional living principles, we create resource-efficient developments that maximize revenue while fostering deep community connections.


We apply our spatial innovation insights, intentional philosophy, and smart integrated technology approach to developing and repositioning properties. Our goal is to transform underutilized spaces so that they can adapt to economic change and ensure longterm value for both tenants and investors. 


Access the full potential value of your property with innovative solutions built for today's market challenges.

Michael Winston Headshot
Michael Winston

Michael S. Winston is a real estate professional based in Boston. Known for his work with co-living and historic developments, he utilizes his first career in management consulting to create strong development teams aligned around clear goals.

With a BBA from Northeastern University, his expertise includes management information systems, accounting, and entrepreneurship. Michael now focuses on projects that blend community building with business scalability, aiming to redefine modern living and working environments.